Interview Questions: The Ten Most Commonly Asked Job Interview Questions

By Andrew Reed

Here at Anson Careers, our consultants have interviewed over 4,000 people during a 15 year period.

We have helped organizations recruit for positions from graduate level right up to President and along the way we have asked thousands of interview questions.

We have learned that there is a multitude of ways to phrase the same question and indeed there are countless ways to answer, not all of them successful.

The Ten Most Commonly Asked Job Interview Questions

We carried out a small sample here in the office and gathered what our consultants believe are the ten most commonly asked job interview questions and here they are:

Q1: Tell me about yourself

Q2: Why do you want to leave your current job?

Q3: What are your key strengths?

Q4: What are your weaknesses?

Q5: What do you like/dislike most about your current job?

Q6: Why should we select you for this job, what will you bring

to the role?

Q7: Where do you see yourself in five/ten year’s time?

Q8: What do you know about our organization?

Q9: Why are you interested in this role and what is it that

attracted you?

Q10: What is your Salary?

Of course these can vary from one job to another and indeed from one company to another however we would be surprised if some of these questions did not feature in your interview. We suggest thinking how you would answer each of them and for expert answers have a look at InterviewGOLD™, a unique system that has helped thousands of candidates land perfect jobs.

How to Succeed in Your Next Job Interview

InterviewGOLD, Successful Online Interview Skills SystemSo, how would you like to dramatically boost your chances of success in your next interiew? Want to arrive knowing the questions and how to answer with 100% confidence? Want to be sure of getting the job you want?

Well now you can with InterviewGOLD™, the leading online interview skills system that has helped thousands of candidates win jobs.

Click here to Dramatically Boost Your Chances of Success in your Next Interview.


About the Author

Andrew Reed is an experienced interviewer and has developed successful recruitment strategies for large organizations within the Customer Services, HR and Finance sectors.

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Interview Questions: The Ten Most Commonly Asked Job Interview Questions